Infinity Fish

Reefers On a Mission

Infinity Fish is a saltwater aquarium specialty store with a focus on marine fish and coral. This saltwater fish store opened August 2015, and we have been happily serving the Houston area ever since. As we continue to grow so does our passion for the beauty of the ocean realm. A passion we hope to share with you when you visit. 

New Fish and Coral Every Week!

We receive new shipments of fish and coral each and every week. We offer a vast selection of exotic fish and coral, and even do our own in house fragging. Come browse our incredible selection for that new addition to your tank!

A Passion for Quality

We at Infinity Fish strive to provide the healthiest fish and coral you can buy. We are very selective with our vendors, and only use companies that practice sustainable and responsible collection methods. Using top of the line housing equipment and strict quarantine procedures we only sell fish that are actively eating and disease free! Come see the Infinity Fish Difference for yourself!

Current Deals and Promotions

Christmas Sale!

In celebration of the holidays customers will enjoy 20% off all purchases 12/20/2017 through 12/26/2017!

We have lots of great livestock and accessories to browse at the shops. Come by and find the perfect gift for your tank!

Merry Christmas!!!