Houston Aquarium Warehouse

An old store with a new face

Houston Aquarium Warehouse has been a staple in the Houston aquarium hobby for almost 20 years. Recently under new management HAW has made many improvements, and under the leadership of their new management has given this old gem a much needed face lift. Specializing in exotic freshwater fish, discus, and aquatic plants HAW has a lot to offer for the discerning freshwater hobbyist. 

New fish and plants arriving weekly!

We receive new shipments of fish and aquatic plants every single week! This ensures we always have one of the best selections in Houston. There is always something new to see at our store! 


H.A.W. is the premier supplier of ornamental discus fish in the state! We import the discus ourselves from premium suppliers overseas. This ensures we have complete control of how these sensitive fish are handled and quarantined ensuring you get the healthiest discus in Texas for a price that blows our competition out of the water!

New Discus Arrivals and Promotions



Christmas sale at Infinity Fish and HAW!

In celebration of the holidays customers will enjoy 20% off all purchases 12/20/2017 through 12/26/2017!

We have lots of great livestock and accessories to browse at the shops. Come by and find the perfect gift for your tank!

Merry Christmas!!!